poetry for the rural community

at the heart of a cultural revolution

This site, an eChapbook, brings you a vital part of national culture, the poems that give us pleasure, understanding, insights, and otherwise often-unattainable dimensions of life.

The poems available to you here are primarily from the people of rural areas of the USA. They are original, unedited, and the best work of the authors submitting them. They are screened by the production staff. An effort was made to reject material for inclusion that seems to be gross, immoral, hatefully asocial, libelous, pornographic, or obscene. (Editor's note: It's our site, no taxes involved, so if you are disappointed with this screening, submit your material freely, no contest, ... elsewhere. Don't fight; we've got other important things to do to enhance the rural world.). Floats is an enterprise of Rural System. Inc., a private not-for-profit conglomerate finding new ways to improve rural land management for now and the long-term future.

The poems here do not have copyrights, don't use them as if you wrote them. The writers understand the risks of someone copying their work. Publishing poems is very difficult ... almost impossible. For most people, it is a labor-of-love. They are here for you to copy in to your computer for free.


But there is an honor code. We have a special situation in our society, world wide, but especially in the US, with a dozen law suits, errors, conflicting views, emotions, and ill-feelings. They prevent people expressing themselves freely for social good. Rural System. Inc. is working to try to figure out solutions or help a little.
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new bottles
We hope that you'll help us. Floats is just a new electronic place for poets to publish, to preserve their best thoughts and creative efforts, and to achieve their personal objectives.
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It displays part of the current culture of the rural communities of the USA. If you want to publish in conventional ways (paper versions) please communicate with poetry publishers. If you are a publisher, please communicate with the authors introduced and whose works are on display here. This site is here for your insights and ideas, enjoyment and all the things that poetry has to offer. Use it well. Honor and protect the poets and this website that may become their major outlet. May it become your major source of fine, rich poetry.

Over at the right is the first rummage, a list of the multiple meanings of words (such as the name of this website). You are invited to submit these in the same manner as poems.
Copying our poems in Floats is for you to do freely. There must be no guilt here. This site is different from other sites where copying without paying for them is illegal.

However, no catch, we'd like about a buck ($1.00) as a contribution for each one that you copy. A proportion of that goes to the authors and to the support of this web site. (It costs a bunch to store poems and maintain this thing.) It's as low as sensible. It's the only way we know to help and to encourage the continuing productive work of rural artists for your personal enjoyment and rich experiences.

We hope that some people will make special additional contributions (that are tax deductible) to this effort and to the objectives of Rural System. Inc. so that we can encourage poets, add more poems, become more secure, and advertise to reach more rural people and their talents. We'll not solicit contributions by mail.

Don't copy the copies. That is illegal.

Our way is cheap ... even at twice the price (which is zero) ... just download (copy by cutting and pasting into a new file or simply emailing it to yourself or someone else by clicking on the "send" button beside each poem). Tell others.

Don't copy the copy! (It's a legal risk and a kind of guilt that is more expensive than the poem.)

It only costs you $10 to add each poem to the site. You send a photo (a digital camera image) of yourself if you wish. An original picture or image related to the poem (e.g., a landscape) may also be submitted in lieu of the personal picture, one per poem. Send gif or jpg images or a picture that we can scan (about 8.5 x 11 inches in size is maximum size). Also send a typed copy of the words to your original poem (signed indicating that it is original and written by you). We do not retype poems. We discourage special spacing and configuration of lines. We recommend conventional poetic format. If you have a unique format required for your poem, it must be submitted in an html or pdf format via email exactly as you desire it to appear. Oh yes, there is always a form (available on this site later) and it must be completed.
Creating a new format
for the culture of rural USA

All you get is seeing your poem available in public in a mysterious and rapidly growing and changing arena called poetry-in transition. We know there is a revolution; we don't know what the landscape will look like afterwards. We think we are reducing your risks for the future.

You get a "publication" and a citation for your curriculum vitae.

You get to let people see your work. Your thoughts and talents are no longer hidden. (You can include your address or contact ... your choice.)

Depending on the words, the phase of the moon, ... and a dozen other things, someone may especially like your work. Maybe they will recognize you. Maybe they will buy your poetry published elsewhere. This may become a "sampling" place. Maybe they will make up your audience when you read in public and at book signings. Maybe ... things will remain as they are and have always been for poets.

Planned offerings and components of the business; suggestions welcomed:

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