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 Fog Drip
 music from the rural community

at the heart of a cultural revolution

This site brings you a vital part of national culture, the songs and music to which we all listen and that we play and sing.

The songs available to you here are from you, the people of rural areas of the USA. A note on how it got started.

They all now have copyrights, so don't use them as if you wrote them. They are here for you to copy on to your computer or CD for free.


We have a special situation in our society, world wide, but especially in the US, with a dozen law suits, errors, conflicting views, emotions, and ill-feelings. They prevent people singing, enjoying themselves, expressing themselves freely. Rural Business is working to try to figure out solutions or help a little. We hope that you'll help us.

Copying our songs and music in Fog Drip is for you to do freely. There must be no guilt here. This site is different from other sites where copying songs without paying for them isnow illegal.
What's fog drip, really?
It's the drops of water, sometimes frozen, that form on tree leaves, especially on pines and hemlocks, that are "combed" from them by gravity and winds and fall to the ground. Ignoring the amount that falls causes a big error in estimates of the water entering rural systems of all types.

However, no catch, we'd like a buck ($1.00) as a contribution for each one that you copy. That goes to the author, musicians, and the support of this web site. (It costs a bunch to store music and maintain this thing.) It's as low as sensible. It's the only way we know to help and to encourage the continuing productive work of rural artists for your personal enjoyment and rich experiences. We hope that some people will make contributions to this effort so that we can add more songs, become more secure, and advertise to reach more rural people and their talents. We'll not solicit contributions by mail.

Don't copy the copies. That, we hear, is illegal. Our way is cheap ... even at twice the price ... just download (copy) it again or tell someone else where and how to do it. Don't copy the copy! (It's a legal risk and a kind of guilt that is more expensive than the music.)

We'll add your song to the site if it's not gross, immoral, or asocial. (If these are your "thing", do it freely, no contest, ... elsewhere. Don't fight that; we've got other important things to do to enhance the rural world.) It only costs you $50 to enter each song. You send a photo (a digital camera image) of you or your group. Also send a typed copy of the words to your original song (signed that it is original and written by you). We do not handle the musical score. You or someone over 18 years old also sends a tape or CD of your song or musical piece ... your best effort (not a TV recording). Oh yes, there is always a form.
Creating a new format for the culture of rural USA

We apply for a copyright to be held by you and by us. All you get is a rock-bottom- price copyrighted song available in public in a mysterious and rapidly growing and changing arena called the music industry-in transition. We know there is a revolution; we don't know what the landscape will look like afterwards. We think we are reducing your risks for the future.

Adkins of Clairfield, TN, for example, provides moving original songs, humorous songs, and guitar accompaniment
You get to let people hear your work. Your thoughts and talents are no longer hidden. (You can include your address or contact ... your choice.)

Depending on the words, the accompaniment, the ... phase of the moon ... and a dozen other things, they may like you or your work. Maybe they will recognize you. Maybe they will make up your audience when you perform in public. Maybe ... things will remain as they are and have always been for musicians and writers.

Other dimensions of the "cultural revolution"

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