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The Old Codgers
A Group for Folks of Advanced Age

Our motto (whichever one that you can remember) ...
We still know some stuff.
Use it before you loose it.
No one has read the minutes of the last meeting!

cod•ger \"kä-jer"\ n : an odd or cranky and usually elderly fellow (c)2000 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.
The Old Codgers is a web site for folks that have done a fair amount of aging. They're generally pieved (but not very cranky) about having people treat them as having "gone dull" after they retired. Brought up on the idea of the importance of history, of building on the past, of respect for experience, on maintaining records,and of standing on the shoulders of giants, they're still have those ideas and feelings. Old Codgers believe that they may still have something to offer.

copy of a sketch signed Geo Rinsland from Staunton, Virginia. Sold for $0.50 in 1884. George H. Rinsland was grandfather of Robert H. Giles, Jr. of Rural SystemHere is one place that they try to offer it. Here are

Each person on the list has volunteered to try to be of help. If you have a serious question or request for help, maybe one of these old guys ("guys" is male female or other) may be able to help or knows someone, or knows where to look for the answers.

They paid a small fee, part of which went to support Rural Systems, Inc. and the blooming spirit of an eastern Tennessee and western Virginia community. The other part went to get this web site up and running and to keep it running. Part of the fee goes to a baseball cap with and Old Codgers' insignia (essential these days, you know).

Each person completed a form, only filling in the answers as they desired. The members have been grouped a little, but the best way to see if you can get help is to use the "Search" command at the top of your screen. Look for key words, names, places.

Members have a lasting invitation to The Old Codgers' Place, a unit of The Camps Group of Rural System, Inc.
Camp Concept: The Old Codgers' Place
A camp for the elderly where "to re-discover the child " is one slogan. Skits, dancing, marbles, ball toss, bike riding, swimming, reading, "how to use the computer " instruction, finding rocks in the stream, top spinning, singing, talent shows, art, songwriting, clogging, costume night, quiet times, good food, hikes, medical analyses and prescriptions for exercise and health, lasting memberships, newsletter and website and chat-room for each year, nature study and instruction, black bear and other wildlife ecology, photography, wood carving, Novosports, hide-and-seek (a new binoculars game), story telling.

Under development ..Ideas advertisements (see all in AARP and sell ad to AARP), Allied products for hat and other items and change the offers, see Anne; link to Memorials group; announce special tours; offer a carved cane handle from the Sculptors, clothing from Outfits; CD services from Hayward Anti-falls project

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Maybe we can work together
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