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The 2004 Tsunami - An Urgent Appeal

Please contact ANAWIM TRUST or direct attention through your charitable institution to: Anawim Trust 1/497, Shanthi Nagar Trichendur Taluk,
Veerapandian Pattinam Trichendur Taluk,
Tuticorin Dt.
Tamil Nnadu - 628 216, India.
Tel: 04639-45122

On 26th December 2004, the Tsunami hit the coast of Tamil Nadu and many lives and resources were lost. We are particularly concerned about Senthilveethi, Veerapandianpattnam in Tuticorin District of Tamil Nadu, which is one of the 60 villages which has survived. On 26th December, 2004, giant waves that were 40-feet high hit the village and totally destroyed the village. However the villagers were able to escape to safety and no lives were lost. However all their houses and properties were completely destroyed.

They have moved into a community hall in Prasad Nagar, far away from the coast. A local voluntary Youth group is providing them food. They have to also buy fishing equipment to go to the sea. They have to retain their livelihood resources.

As a friend of Anawim we would request you to liberally contribute to their cause to rehabilitate the poor in Senthilveethi. Out of our mere resources we have Rs.20,000 for immediate relief. Senthilveethi has 112 Dalit families totaling to 350 population, 200 males and 150 females, and among them there are 45 children who are attending our supplementary education centers. We have a self-help group named Malar SHG and it has 20 members, all of whom we have been helping with loans for income-generation activities. They are an active group and taking care of the welfare of the community.

The total loss is estimated to Rs.6,50,OOO - approximatlely 15,116 US Dollars of household resources and their Catamarans (fishing vessels made by the poor by tying 5 logs together). Their main occupation was fishing and sea-shell collection. Seashells are gathered by the poor for making handicrafts. Broken seashells are placed in lime kilns and are burnt with coal to obtain calcium. This is used for painting walls of buildings and homes. They also had 200 goats but they were able to recover only 50 of them.

Our basic commitment is to our 20 members of the self-help group for whom we must build houses. This work will require up to 20xRs.25,OOO=Rs.5,OO,OOO, approximately 11,628 US Dollars.We are now in rehabilitation stage. The government provided some relief material, some of our indian friends provided clothing, rice. etc. Dalits are finding it difficult for livelihood.We are repairing the kilns with help from Oxfam, u.k.

We need still support for housing and devloping alternative employment. We want to train people here in food processing, tailoring, and palm leaf products making. This will cost us $2000 in addition to the amount we requested earlier.

We beg of you to share your resources so that we can care for the poor in Senthilveethi by providing them housing and means for recovery.
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