Sustaining a superior rural system   

Quilt Concept - 1

Those of us under or in the Quilt are trying to get all citizens in our communities equitably empowered by using Internet-related technology. We combine this with some zeal for people to use computer-assisted decision power managing a large set of natural and other resources, collectively the rural human environment. We sense that in an increasingly technologically dominated society, people who are socially or economically disadvantaged will probably become more disadvantaged if they lack access to computers and their related technologies. We're pioneering ways to establish right relationships, to organize based on the discovery and expression of deep common purposes and essential shared human principles. We praise and reward personal work and accomplishment and we actively relate individuals between nodes. We work for capacities within each node to provide resources and services to citizen members. We know that such provisions must be constant in a world of constant change. We know that we cannot be aware of new opportunities, services, and devices unless we are informed of them and their potential roles in our lives.

We know that gaining that knowledge, as well as finding and making innovative uses and structures for the things that are new, requires an organization. That requires brief, clean rules of governance. We have an innovative business model and we work on a self-evaluation model of citizenship. We own EarthQuilt as a corporation, and citizens, as well as government organizations and other corporations, may invest in it. Investors may benefit financially after appropriate costs of business for future citizens are borne. We think "cases," thus case-study reports are valuable. We suggest knowledge about efficient access to diverse sites and features among hundreds of sites now available because these help build capacities.

To avoid further disadvantages, we teach work in heuristic- or discovery-environments to develop personal skills and confidence. We try to build all kinds of linkages (telecommunication, webcams, email, print, and person-to-person) so people working with and in some cases dependent upon us can benefit from shared knowledge, experiences, and expertise. We study forming businesses and their relationships and we build fundamental structures of relationships among people with different genetics, upbringing, education, environments, and chance events. Collaborations are encouraged to achieve the funds and equivalent human and technology-aided time that is needed to achieve stated objectives of a Panel in EarthQuilt. We're striving for universal "enfranchisement" via the Internet for the good of people dependent upon their environment the changing, physical, cultural, social, and biological one. We continually engage in feedforward, the active work of today in preparing for our clearest view of the future that we can produce.

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