The Clearfork Collaborative 

Sustaining a superior rural system   

Contents of the Collaborative Site

  1. Home Page and Introduction
  2. Egan Mountain Notes
  3. Going After Information
  4. A Systems Approach
  5. Internet Ideas
  6. New River - related watershed ideas and organization
  7. EarthQuilt
  8. GIS Work
  9. A Coalition Letter
  10. Thoughts About Community
  11. Community-Based Research
  12. An Early Concept - The Pivotal-Rig Proposal (2002)
  13. A Capsule - The Rural System Concept (Pivotal-Rig proposal significantly revised)
  14. Rural System and its E-Catalog
  15. The Southwest Center (a similar organization)
  16. Contents with Major Concepts and Enterprises of the Rural System Plan
  17. The Modern Mountain Project: Nature at its Best
  18. Village and Town Water Management
  19. The New River Roundtable Ideas - Index Page
  20. EQ Index - County level waste management and other work
  21. EQ Contents
  22. EQ Internet Ideas
  23. EQ - Arguements Against Littering
  24. EQ Template
  25. Plastic Litter Control
  26. template for this page

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